♬ fic/graphic list

  • {shining star} taekey/drabble/pg/it's christmas at shinee's dorms.
  • {piano}  yoosu/nc-17/yoochun doesn't like being disturbed when he's playing the piano.
  • {hush}  hikakao/drabble/pg/kaoru had a nightmare.
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Apology to all my readers.

I guess this is a little late, but I feel like apologizing to all you guys. I haven't written anything in MONTHS. I've been really busy with school (exam year and all) and also with my personal life, and found myself in a huge writers block.
Lately I feel like writing again. So I might just make a comeback and post new fics. Though I can tell you guys I won't be updating '100 days with Kim Jonghyun' anymore. I can't explain why - I just don't want to continue it. I hope you guys understand.
Actually I'm hoping you guys will comment on this post with idea's for new fics; I'm clueless to what to write right now.
Also I'm giving my LJ a makeover- new theme, new ficposters, new master fic list.

Hope to see you soon- 
Apollochoco c: